How is LuLaoshi different from other Chinese Tuition Services?

Updated: Feb 2

Lu Laoshi’s lessons are highly engaging, productive and effective. Each lesson has new learning objectives, they’re planned and prepared.

Learning is always active; never passive listening. Lu Laoshi follows through all work done, corrections are tracked. Exam techniques are not to be compromised, we keep your child in close monitoring to mend learning gaps.

Though with 15 years of experience, Lu Laoshi is only in her 30s. She has high energy and focus, an effective Human Resource in her prime. She analyses individual student and advises accordingly. All students are issued with a Communication Book to record students’ performance, outstanding work and focus that lesson. You have found yourself a reliable teaching partner.

Her lessons are exam-orientated. Each lesson is efficient and not just ‘guiding’ the student like a tutor. She is a teacher, not a tutor. She doesn’t give answers but trains techniques for students to apply independently.

Regular class size are kept at maximum of 5 students a class

In latest MOE PSLE syllabus and SEAB PSLE Exam format: E-Oral, new format Listening Compre and Main Paper. Lu Laoshi conduct all classes personally. She does not engage native Chinese teachers.

Lessons are conducted in small group private lessons, maximum 5 in a class, to ensure every student gets the attention he/she needs. Singaporean female MOE trained Ex-MOE Primary School Teacher, PSLE examiner and marker.


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