How are main paper classes conducted?

Updated: Jan 18

60% of lesson are spent on Syllabus reinforcement. Laoshi trains Syllabus words according to current MOE syllabus ahead of school pace. Each chapter has an evaluation and corrections done to check if your child is learning well and further revise. This serves as reinforcement if your child is not learning well in school or if your child requires revision support.

40% of lesson is on exam training: 1 month before CA and SA, students practice Mock Paper and goes through Comprehension training. During exam season, Laoshi suspends syllabus training for 4 lessons to conduct 2 Mock Paper trials. Students undergo time trial and train their focus span. When going through, students learn exam application techniques, comprehension techniques, and inferential skills. Technique is taught to them, answer is never given or copied. Students have to grasp the technique, clarify when in doubt, and apply it to their corrections.


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