How are oral and compo lessons conducted?

Updated: Jan 18

In Oral and Compo course, LuLaoshi covers 3 components of PSLE Chinese which makes up over 50% of the final score. These components are namely oral, composition and listening comprehension.

Oral Component:

  • Pupils are trained on Exam requirements

  • Training of Reading, Video and Conversation techniques.

  • Strategize to develop own strengths and overcome weaknesses.Memorizing of Commentary phrases on Key Video Topics

  • Practicing of Conversation for application of techniques and grasp of answer structure.

  • Structured coverage of picture conversation content, high value-adding to target full mark performance.

During exam season, Laoshi suspends training for 4 lessons to conduct 2 Mock Trials. Students experience Simulated individual oral test, PSLE grading System and Examiners’ Evaluation, Correction and reinforcement.

Compo Component:

  • Monthly essay writing: Students are trained Picture analysis, narration, scoring Compo Phrases, Introductions, Conclusions, descriptions.

  • Teacher individually evaluates and feedback. Students corrections in class to rectify mistakes.

  • 小练笔 are trainings on Compo Phrases (Introductions, Conclusions, descriptions). Pupils are taught meaning and application of these phrases.

  • Time management and exam writing skill. Teacher devises different writing strategies for each child to maximize their writing potential during exams.

Listening Comprehenion Component:

  • Students are trained on answering skills for Listening Compre exams.

  • They learn how to locate, decipher and justify to derive at best answer.

  • Training is based on latest PSLE listening Compre format. I.E. Qn 2 Picture, Qn 3 Route, Qn 7 Conversation.


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